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Anze electric attends the 113th the spring Canton Fair
April 15-19 113th spring Guang scheduled in Pazhou, Guangzhou City, Anze electrician participated in the exhibition of the fair.
Anze electrician has for many years in the Canton Fair, Canton Fair every time we harvest quite abundantly, in the gradual stabilization of the international market, we continue to develop new customers, seek new orders, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. This session of the Canton Fair, we display intelligent electric heating system (dry and wet), single and double guided heating cable, CE, UL certified electric mat, and mineral insulated cable, mineral insulated flat cable, self limited temperature heating cable and silicon rubber power with tropical, quartz tube electric heater, tube resistance heaters and other products, lead the visitors to the crowd gathered, but also for future negotiations laid the foundation.
"Canton Fair" has always been regarded as the export industry's "wind vane". This year, the number of buyers in the spring fair, compared with last year, the Canton Fair, the number of buyers steady rise, turnover also rose slightly. Business orders to small and medium single, short single oriented. According to analysts pointed out that in the first half, the international market demand rose slightly, the overall situation of foreign trade exports has improved. Look forward to the next autumn fair, we can see the Canton Fair as a platform for the role of foreign businessmen in China is more obvious, the volume can be significantly increased, looking forward to the next session of the Canton fair.