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With sincerity, go into Latin America
- St Paul Brazil international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating exhibition  2013"
Brazil local time in September 15, 2013 16:30,  Anhui Anze Electric Co., Ltd. foreign trade department arrived in St Paul, Brazil, St Paul, Brazil,,, to participate in the 2013 international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating exhibition. The overseas exhibitions Anze electrical line with a sacred mission and carries a cavity blood is bound to this in one fell swoop will warm bring in Latin America.
This event in the international form of the exhibition to let other industries of the colleagues who are two of the monk and his mind: "Brazil is Latin America, where is not very hot? Why are we going to Anze?" The answer lies in the Brazil industrial base, is the largest industrial country in Latin America, a large population of products, and is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Like other parts of the exhibition, in this exhibition, the HVAC industry can be described as a galaxy of talents. Nevertheless, Anze electrician not only as export leader heating mat won bursts from the venue and industrial uses of the sheathed mineral insulated cables by the local people of all ages.
This exhibition Anze electrician exhibited intelligent electric heating system, single and double guide heating cable, CE, UL certified electric mat, sheathed mineral insulated cable, electrothermal towel rack, quartz tube electric heater, aluminum pipe heater and the latest launch of the metal film series electric heating is products. Anze series once again won the show's stop, consulting, at the same time it also laid the foundation for later discussion.
Participate in overseas exhibitions, is to remove the electronic commerce and other access to the international market, the most intuitive and most sincere way to promote. With the rapid development of Anze electric power, the international market demand for Anze series of products is also more and more, for the Anze electric power attack, I believe in the near future, the international market will be seen everywhere in Anze series products! Expect Anze electrician to bring warmth to every corner of the world.