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Quality is the first to run into international market - the 114th Canton Fair
On October 15, 2013, the 114th first phase of Canton Fair, building materials and hardware machinery exhibition as scheduled in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center smoothly. Anze electrician to actively respond to go out strategy, followed the pace of the times, once again participated in the exhibition.
Anze series products as a decorative building materials products debut in the Canton Fair, won the praise of considerable attention and highly prized. Anze electrician in the exhibition, on display a series of intelligent Anze ground heating system, Anze series heating cable, Anze series electric heating, Anze series of temperature control and the first launch of the new product Anze series electric heater.
According to the General Assembly official statistics of the current overseas buyers attending 189646 people, from 212 countries (regions), a slight increase over the previous autumn fair. The fair in the global trade in a low growth state and international market competition intensifies, the trade friction situation is still grim background held, the number of buyers attending to maintain the basic stability, external demand is gradually improving. This is also a great affirmation of our exhibitors, it is observed that foreign buyers for exhibitors more focus on technology, quality, service. And "quality" is the Anze electrician since its inception has been to adhere to the fundamental, coupled with the Anze series of product design, fashion, quality excellence and easy to install, which also will undoubtedly attract the booth from the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Russia, South Korea and other foreign.
Anze series electric heating seat as the export leader in the show and have not lost its usual demeanor, more and more foreign understanding of such products, more than once came to Anze electrician's booth to consult, negotiate. At the same time, Anze series electric heater is not a sign of weakness, bright colors, fashion modeling, instantly all who pass by will attract over, whether from all over the world foreign, or in the same industry leader who, on the research and development of new Anze electrician metal film electric heater praise without ceasing, called temperature Jiezhuang necessities.
The so-called "survival of the fittest", we firmly believe that has excellent quality and perfect after-sales service of the Anze series products, in the near future will be based on the international market this big stage!