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The ANZE Hydronic Storage heating system stores off-peak electricity in the form of heat. Off-peak electricity is available during times of the day or night when electricity is plentiful and the power company may supply it
at a lower cost.
Operation of the Hydronic is automatic. When off-peak hours are available, the system converts electricity to heat which is then stored in its ceramic brick core. The amount of heat stored in the brick core varies in relation to outdoor temperature, owner preference, utility peak conditions, and the requirements of the space beingheated.
A heat call from the room thermostat energizes the primary water loop pump. Thevariable speed core blower automatically adjusts its speed to achieve the desired outlet water temperature. The heated water is then pumped to the area (zone) from which the heat call originated.


Hydronic Storage Heater
Model HS0120 HS0180 HS0240
Charging input (Kw) 12 15 18 22.5 24 30
Qty of bricks 108 156 204
Weight of brick (kg) 6.6 6.9 7.0
Total weight of brick (kg) 756.0 1092.0 1428.0
Storage capacity (Kwh) 120 180 240
Price without Brick -- -- --
Volatge  240 VAC
Element current draw 50 AMPS 62.5 AMPS 75 AMPS 93.75 AMPS 100 AMPS 125 AMPS
Approximate Installed weight  1000kg 1350kg 1700kg
Output water temperatue selection range 65℃-85℃
Pipe size-water inlet/outlet DN32
Length mm 1400
Height mm 770
Width  mm 1250 1510 1770