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Anze series high temperature Armoured MI heating cables 
in petroleum and chemical application 
       Anze single conducto high temperature mineral insulated heating cable
        Anze big power high temperature mineral insulated heating cable
      Anze twin conductor high temperature mineral insulated heating cable
       Anze medium temperatue mineral insulated heating cable
      Anze special type mineral insulated heating cable
  Anze mineral insulated thermocouple
       Anze flat high temperature mineral insulated heating cable
       Anze heating cable steel fixing strip
       Anze high temperature steel tube heating element
       Anze series steel tube heating element
Armoured MI Heating cable Electric Property

1. Length:±2%,

2. Resistance tolerance: ±10%,

3. Withstand voltage property: heating cable withstand voltage: 1500VAC/1min 

4. Insulation resistance: finished product test ≥ 500MΩ/ 1000VDC,

5. Impermeability: the insulation resistance ≥ 500 M Ω / 1000 VDC 12 hours after the whole cable submerged in water. (including splice).
Anhui Anze Electrical Co., based on the National GB13033 Standards, etc, produces of stainless steel mineral insulated heating cable, which has been widely used in the petrochemical and natural gas industry, pipeline heat tracing, tank insulation, roofing and road snow and ice melting and building heating, etc. After many years of practice, it has proved that the installation is convenient, safe and reliable, durable application.
The main characteristics of MI heating cables and heating system
As the MI heating cable consists of metal material conductor, magnesium oxide as mineral insulation, alloy mental as outer jacket, the main advantages as followings:
1. Fire resistant 
The MI cable is made of inorganic materials, it will neither burn nor support combustion or release toxic or harmful gases in high temperature.
2. Explosion Proof
The MI cable is made up of seamless alloy metal sheath, a tightly solid compacted with magnesium oxide powder, so it can prevent the steam, gas and blaze into the electrical equipment connected with the cable. So it has the quality of explosion proof.
3. High Corrosion Resistance
The sheath of MI is seamless alloy metal sheath, you can select the appropriate alloy metal outer sheath according to the actual situation of the workplace to avoid corrosion.
4. Impermeability
As the sheath of MI is seamless alloy mental sheath, it can prevent the liquid and gas into the cable.
5. Radiation proof
The MI cable is made of inorganic material, so the performance indicators will not change during working in a radiation place and will avoid electromagnetic radiation.
6. Long Service Life 
Because MI cable is made of inorganic material without ageing, the MI cable has the quality of long-term stability. No leakage during the transport. Not damage the environment. Disassembly and assembly many times. Longevity over several decade.
7. Good flexibility
After softening treatment in factory, the MI cable have extremely good flexibility and can be bent freely. It can lay in a narrow space and irregular shape equipment, make the installation much more convenient and beautiful.
8. High mechanical strength
Because of the inherent characteristics of the cable structure, the MI cable can withstand severe mechanical damage. It can still work normally when the cable diameter deform 1/3. The MI heating cable heat evenly and temperature difference narrow because of heating cable series connection.
9. High heating power
The heating power is typically 50W/m or more. Unlike the steam heating pipeline or hot water pipeline, the MI cable will not freeze when short of steam or water. Turn on the power when needed. No need to maintain regularly .
10. Lower project cost
The MI cable has small volume, so it will not increase the amount of insulation material when laying. Omitting the steam and water boilers and water heating systems, convenient and fast construction, reduce the cost directly .
11. Low temperature resistant
The MI cable is not brittle at low temperature, easy to construct and repair in winter.
12. Lower operating costs
The heating system composed by MI cable is capable of remote control and automatic control, and can ensure accurate and timely supply of heat that the heated objects need by thermostat. So there is no additional heat loss and excess operating personnel to ensure the lowest operating costs.
13. Lower maintenance costs
The heating system composed by MI cable is simple in structure, has the quality of long life and high reliability, reducing the need to maintain the elements and time. The system can work normally in not particularly bad working condition.
Above are the characteristics of the MI heating cable, it has proved that this new technology makes the MI heating cable preferred all-weather heating and insulation products for metal pipeline heating and railway turnout snow & ice melting.

Comparison of the Armored Mineral Insulated Heating Cables and self-regulating heat trace:



Armor mineral insulated heating cables


Self-regulating heat trace


Power loss

Constant power, no power loss

50% of the heat loss maximum power



More than three decades

About three to five years


Maximum surface temperature




Maximum working temperature




Maximum length




Installation, maintenance

Easy installation, no maintenance

Installation inconvenient and difficult to maintain


Heating performance

Leading-end and tail-end heat evenly

Can not guarantee heating evenly



Fireproof 、explosion - proof








According to different outer sheath material MIC heating cables are divided into:
1, copper sheathed mineral insulated heating cables
To meet the high temperature and long-distance pipeline heat tracing needs. Maximum temperature can reach 250 ℃; requirements for anti-corrosion or buried applications occasions, need high density polyethylene HDPE outer sheath, maximum temperature can reach 90 ℃; and has excellent mechanical strength.
2, copper-nickel alloy sheathed mineral insulated heating cables
Copper-nickel alloy sheathed mineral insulated heating cables series to meet high temperature and long-distance pipeline heat tracing needs. Its maximum withstand temperatures up to 400 ℃; mineral insulated cables have excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.
3, stainless steel sheathed mineral insulated heating cables
Stainless steel sheathed mineral insulated heating cables series meets high temperatures and high heating power (up to 269W / m) needs. The series heating cable maximum withstand temperatures up to 650 ℃; mineral insulated cables have excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.
4,825 alloy sheathed mineral insulated heating cables
825 alloy sheathed mineral insulated heating cables series meet the high temperatures and high heating power (up to 269W / m) needs. The series heating cable maximum withstand temperatures up to 800 ℃; mineral insulated cables have excellent mechanical strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance, adapt to a variety of hazardous areas and special areas.
Armoured MI Heating cable Electric Property

1. Length:±2%,

2. Resistance tolerance: ±10%,

3. Pressure resistance: heating cable compression: 1500VAC/1min 

4. Insulation resistance: final test ≥ 500MΩ/ 1000VDC,

5. Impermeability: the insulation resistance ≥ 500 M Ω / 1000 VDC whole heating cable (including splice) submerged in water after 12 hours.

Anze high temperature armoured MI heating cables in petrochemicals application:
Application areas of mineral insulated heating cables
The birth of new technology of pipeline heating & preservation
With the development of modern science and technology, the technology of pipeline heating & preservation technology is constantly improving. Armoured mineral insulation heating cable heating insulation technology, is the new developed method for metal pipeline heating and insulation in recent yearsIt is a new technology for heat transport pipeline heating & insulation of large petrochemical and other enterprises. This heating technique is suitable for pipeline heating & preservation in various length (800-1000m), medium and short distance metal pipes.

Determination of the MI heating cable pipe heating parameters

MI cable heating system design theory:The object which need to compensate heat should choose mineral insulated heating cable to be heated within the time to ensure that the object to reach the desired temperature and work normally.



MI heating cable pipe insulation parameters determine:

(1)When the material substance is heated, the flow velocity in the pipe, the initial temperature and the required temperature to maintain.

(2)The geometry size of the material, thickness, diameter, length etc.of pipe or vessel, etc., And the size and quantity of the interrelated valves, elbows, flanges and other accessories.

(3)The lowest temperature of the working environment.

(4)The material and thickness of the insulation material.

(5) Power supply capacity of the workplace.


Note:Relevant parameters can be changed by the actual needs of the customers with special requirements,any questions refer to our factory.


Calculation method for pipeline heating & preservation required amount 

①. The calculation formula of heat required in pipe heat preservation

W = 2.72 K ( T - t ) / E log D/d

W-heat required   W/m

K-coefficient of heat conduction of insulation material   W/m℃

T-the temperature need to keep ℃

t- ambient temperature  ℃

E-efficiency   (general value is 0.7) 

D-Insulation OD   mm

d -pipe OD    mm


The length of each accessories.                                 Unit: m

Table 2


Gate valve

Globe valve

Ball valve

Butterfly valve

Energy-saving valve













NOTE:D is diameter of pipe


Calculation method for pipeline heating & heating-up required amount 

②The calculation formula of heating of pipe

W =( P * S * C * Q )* T / H * E * 3600

W-heat required   W/m

P-weight     kg/m

S-specific heat   J/kg ℃

C-containing material weight   kg/m

Q-Containing material specific heat   J/kg ℃

T-temperature need to increase   ℃

H-allowable heating time   h

E-efficiency,   (general value is 0.7)


Laying and installation of Mineral Installation Heating Cable 

(1) The technology offered by owner should be the installation guidance

(2) MI heating cable facilities should be qualified by Quality Inspection Department,only with the qualify certificate can it put into affect.
(3) The laying and installation of MI heating cable should be done by qualified electrician who had experienced targeted and safety training, passed technical tests and held operating permits.
(4) The installation of MI should be strictly under the guidance of design profile.