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Anze Stainless steel heating film specification




Power  Voltage Dimension



 s-cut metal heating film set

190W 220V 1.75*0.3*2P



 s-cut metal heating film set

219W 220V 2.02*0.3*2P



 s-cut metal heating film set

248W 220V 2.29*0.3*2P



 s-cut metal heating film set

250W 220V 1.16*0.3*4P



 s-cut metal heating film set

292W 220V 2.71*0.3*2P



 s-cut metal heating film set

327W 220V 3.02*0.3*2P



 s-cut metal heating film set

330W 220V 1.52*0.3*4P





Installation diagram:


           wood floor installation  diagram                                                       tile installation  diagram


After installation:


1, check any damage to the heating area, keep the floor free of damp.

2, check objects heating area coverage.

3, check the thermostat and circuit system is normal.

4, check the doors and windows sealed well.



1, check whether the filml is intact, and to measure the insulation resistance between the scope of the standard value.

2, on the flat cement with 300 mm spacing (laid keel)

3, filled with insulation board of wood square contour (benzene board) or extruded board,

4, above the plate on the shop (level off, without obvious damage or leakage steel nail head)

5, laying stainless steel film on the plate

6, use the multi-meter to test resistance, confirm resistance within the normal range, then laying floor tile or marble, etc.

7, embed ortar or plastic in the ground, testing insulation resistance of the filml again.


1, put on the power supply of Anze stainless steel film heating system.

2, adjust the settings of each thermostat

3, set a lower temperature settings (10 ℃ more of less), when leaving room for a long time to reduce the power consumption. But do not cut off the power supply, avoid any freezing.

4, during un-heating period, cut off the power supply of heating system, and set a minimum temperature of the thermostat.



1, Do not drill, nail or damage the film.

2 Install the film when completely dry, and check the film resistance and insulation resistance of the rear can run again.

3, Avoid any furniture cover. Furniture should more than 200 mm from the ground, no in heating area covering objects, prevent excessive heat storage.

4, film using the environment temperature should be not more than 25 ℃, otherwise it will reduce the service life.

5 avoid any damage to into the film under floor.

6, ban on wall or other permanent covering the ground heating area, if the new wall is on the floor heating area, then the wall below the film must blackouts, lest cause overheating; Ground covers and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of obstructions should be greater than the cement and stone (0.87 W/M2, 0 c), so as not to affect the cooling, affect the use and life, ensure the normal operation of the  film surface does not exceed 65 ℃.

7, if you want to replace part of ground material, must to check all of the film is damaged when the demolition of the ground.

8, when using film under the cement concrete to natural drying, prohibit using film heating of concrete.

9,  The electric film heating system should be heat up slowly after a long time ,the first time start the heating system should set at 5 ℃ to 10 ℃ low temperature for a period, and then gradually increase the temperature, until comfortable heating temperature is reached.

10, keep the film design pic.



1, double temperature control: at the same time realize the temperature control and overheat protection.

2, zero line of fire on and off at the same time, without heating, the heating element and completely isolated power supply system, to provide more security.

3, with load automatic adjustment function: can full power output, to indoor rapid heating up, also can be half the power output, reduce power load.